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Yacht Charter in Croatia: Beat the Heat this Summer with a Touch of Luxury

Are you looking for a great way to beat the heat this summer? There are lots of ways to beat the heat this summer but why not add some twist to it? Beat the heat with a touch of luxury!

How to do that? Besides from getting out of your house and going to the most beautiful beach you want, you can try the yacht charter. From the word yacht alone, you can already say that it is indeed luxurious. But don’t you worry because you don’t have to empty your bank account to get on a luxury yacht. You don’t have to buy it either because a yacht charter is another term for leasing a yacht. So relax now and start running your imagination about how it feels to get in a yacht and visit places you’ve never been.

The yacht charter in Croatia is one of the hottest summer goals today in Europe. The Republic of Croatia is known in Europe for its rich Southeastern Europe nation history. Before the World War I ended, Croatia was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire which then became a part of Yugoslavia. But in 1991, Croatia separated from Yugoslavia to join the NATO in 2009. Later in 2013, Croatia joined the European Union.

What can you expect in the yacht charter Croatia? Croatia prides itself for their Adriatic’s deep azure that is combined with their lush green landscape. Add it up with their stunning white stone that can be seen clearly on Istria, the biggest peninsula in Croatia. If you want to take a day in a resort after a whole day on the water, you can visit their famous resort for tourists called Kvarner. Kvarner’s spectacular coastal landscape and calm climate match perfectly with the forests and inland mountains of Gorski Kotar.

Over the centuries, the different civilizations and cultures in Croatia were preserved for the future generations to come. Their influence will continue its legacy for having one of the richest and diverse cultures in Europe.

Visit a lot of stunning places in Europe that you’ve never seen before while on a yacht charter in Croatia. Plan your own adventure or bring your loved ones so you can have someone to share this experience. So what are you waiting for? Go to Neo Yachting now to learn how you can avail a yacht charter in Croatia!

Don’t Miss Your Chance to Experience Singapore’s Yacht Show!

Are you planning to visit Singapore this coming weekend or perhaps this coming summer vacation? This is the best time for you to soak in the clear blue water of Singapore and experience their Singapore Yacht Show while on a Singapore yacht charter.

Singapore is one of the most visited countries not just in Asia but worldwide because they are known for their very clean environment. Admit it; though many people are attracted to cities with bright lights, they have to admit that the rate of pollution there is very high. But in Singapore, you can breathe some fresh air without getting paranoid about inhaling harmful elements in the air.

Aside from their famous Universal Studio tourist spot, Singapore is also building their name in yacht charters. As a matter of fact, in Asia Pacific’s yachting calendar, you should never miss the Singapore Yacht Show. This usually starts from April 6 to April 9. If you want to visit Singapore for a vacation, this is the first thing that you should try to experience. At the moment, the magnificent luxury yacht Ambrosia III that’s 65 meters long is the largest yachts that can be seen on the show.

If you’re a little bit jealous, don’t worry because you can fully experience the yachting adventure with Singapore yacht charter thanks to Neo Yachting. Neo Yachting is indeed a life savior for thirsty adventurers.

Aside from the actual luxury yachts that will be present at the Singapore Yacht Show, the biggest yachting brands will be there too. You and other tourists can get the latest updates about their new projects and designs if you want. Where should you go to see the Singapore Yacht Show? The yacht show will be located at ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove which caters the country’s well-preserved cruising grounds.

When it comes to the South-East Asia superyacht stop-off, Singapore is number one on the list. But the Singapore Yacht Show doesn’t end from just floating yachts on the water; the show will also showcase some of the hottest luxury yacht water toy brands this year. From water and yachts, there are also fashion shows and luxury car parades that you everyone shouldn’t miss up to the cocktail making contest.

As soon as the sun says goodbye, more events will be witnessed and enjoyed like parties with awesome DJs and mixologist! So don’t miss your chance to explore Singapore’s bests and experience the best Singapore yacht charter offered by Neo Yachting.

Singapore Yacht Charter: The Best Way of Exploring Asian Exotic Destinations

Singapore even with its relatively small size is full of activities and attractions. The city has an overwhelming choice for anyone to select the highlights and here are some that you can visit to make your stay enjoyable and memorable. There’s the Universal Studio Singapore, the Jurong Bird Park, the Telok Ayer Market, Singapore Botanic Garden, the Underwater World, Night Safari, Singapore Flyer and Singapore Zoo.

Singapore is a miniature community that represents Asia, being populated by Malays, Chinese, Indians, and a large group of workers and expatriates from all over the world. Singapore is known to be Disneyland with the death penalty or the world’s only shopping mall with a seat in the United Nations.

Singapore is a magical and enchanting sailing destination which is perfect for boat or yacht rentals, which is the reason why Singapore yacht charter is a booming industry. A client can marvel at Singapore’s breathtaking skyline on board a luxury yacht chartered for the day or for a week. Enjoy the iconic architectures such as the Marina Bay Sands and Singapore Flyer or the Central Business District from a different perspective.

Island hoping within Singapore’s Southern Island cluster including St John’s, Lazarus and Pulau Seringat islands is suitable for 4-hour yachting. The yacht can anchor at Lazarus Island for a meal, go swimming, kayaking, stand up paddles, snorkeling, and other water activities.

 There are two picturesque islands located off Singapore’s south coast, namely Batam and Bitam, in the Riau Archipelago, Indonesia. Batam boost of a golf course, luxury spas and more while Bitam is popular for scuba diving. There are other islands where fishing, hiking, and relaxing activities are available to be enjoyed.

Tioman Island, Malaysia is a picturesque paradise where you can experience untouched beauty of nature, being a strictly enforced nature reserve. This densely populated area is sparsely inhabited and surrounded by many coral reefs great for diving and got an inland rainforest area which is great for hiking.

There are corporate events like team building and leadership activities available for large companies based in Singapore. Singapore boasts of a wide array of unique private yacht charters to choose from. Choose the luxury yacht for your requirement and throw a birthday party or private party for an unforgettable sailing experience.

All throughout the charter, the client doesn’t have to lift a finger, since the yacht is fully staffed with expert and professional crews. You can do everything leisurely, like sunbathing, sip cocktails, dine al fresco at one of the large decks or below deck with world class cuisine, and enjoy snorkeling and visit secluded beaches.


The Southeast Asian Nautical Exploit in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most popular charter destinations in Southeast Asia.  Primarily because of the diversity in culture where one can experience a fusion of Indian, Chinese and Malaysian culture. The innate beauty of Singapore entices the senses through its sights, sounds and the adventure that it offers you while on a cruise.

It will not only astound you. It will also arouse your curiosity as to what you might discover. People who like to shop usually wander the old Orchard Road with lots of designer boutiques adjacent to the Chinatown.

When one experiences the luxury of the Singapore Yacht Charter you will be treated to a wide array of mouth watering Asian delicacies proven to satisfy everyone. The surrounding islets will also provide you with alluring destinations. The flourishing garden forest, stylish boutiques, world class restaurants and glittering skyscrapers are some of the reasons why the Singapore Yacht Charter is popular among people on vacation.

Several events will surely be of interest for anyone like the Fomula One night race, the Singapore Grand Prix the annual Singapore Yacht Show

The hub of the Singapore Yacht Charter is the Sentosa Cove. This picturesque waterfront boast of spa treatments, fine dining and other amenities that provides an enticing destination by the sea.  The tropical waters plus the breeze of the cool wind in the comfort of your yacht will give you a sense of calm away for the hustle and bustle of everyday living.

The Singapore Yacht Charter creates that dream vacation according to your needs, taste and desires serviced by seasoned sea crew with an unsurpassed knowledge of the environment that you may want to go to. Corporate event, weddings, private parties are only some of the events that could be accommodated. Not to mention fun filled sea activities such as fishing, diving, jet ski and speed boat rides. 

Creating a nautical lifestyle is what the Singapore Yacht Charter is all about. Once you experience the pampering, the opulence and the lavish lifestyle you would want to relive the fun-filled moment. The serenity while under the sun and the stars shimmering while cruising in the vast tropical waters is not just something that you see in the movies.

This is where dreams become a reality and turns into vivid and colorful memories that cannot be forgotten. This is where we provide a backdrop for that picture perfect exchanging of vows that would certainly last a lifetime together with your friends and family.  This can also be a venue for corporate outings with a twist of a scenic and a luxurious ambience.

Packing Tips for Your First Family Yacht Charter Vacation

Are you planning for your next family vacation? Instead of traveling by land and camping like the old times, why not spice things up by traveling and enjoying days on the water. Your family will surely enjoy the experience of waking up in the middle of the sea and feeling the cold breeze on their faces.

If you like the idea, drop by Neo Yachting website and book for a yacht charter that will suit your family’s taste. Neo Yachting is one of the most renowned charters for luxury yachts so you’ll not only enjoy the sea but the luxury experience as well.

Now that you are all booked and ready to go, you should start packing. For this is your first yacht charter vacation, let me give you some tips on the things you should pack:

1.    You’re Family’s Travel Documents.

If you chose to travel outside your country, make sure that you have all your travel documents with you like passport, visa, tickets, credit cards and cash.

2.    Instead of those bulky hard-sided bags, make use of soft sided bags.

The majority of yachts have limited luggage storage and using hard sided bags can damage the tea desks and wood trims. While, soft duffle bags can be folded and stowed after you unpacked.

3.    Fill your middle size duffle bag with everything you want to bring and reduced it by half.

This is a common mistake people are making on a yacht vacation they are bringing too much stuff. Even you are riding a luxury charter the lifestyle on it is very casual. So, you do not need to bring many clothes.

4.    Bathing Suit is a must have item.

As you start sailing, you and your family will literally live in your swim wears and a simple cover up. You are not required to change outfit even for dinner unless you need to freshen up.

5.    Swimming tools. (Fins, mask, and snorkels)

If your charter company does not provide the following, you should provide them, especially if you are going to spend a lot of time in the water. Besides that, you may want to consider wearing a lightweight wetsuit so that you can stay warm while snorkeling.

6.    Earplugs.

If you are a very noise sensitive sleeper, you are advised to bring a pair or two because your crew can sometimes be noisy.

7.    Seasickness remedies or medication.

If any of your family members get seasick, it would be great if they have taken a “non-drowsy” medication before you board so that the body can easily adapt to the motion of the boat.

Now that your stuff is ready and everything is booked. Enjoy your first family yacht charter vacation and treasure every moment forever.