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Packing Tips for Your First Family Yacht Charter Vacation

Are you planning for your next family vacation? Instead of traveling by land and camping like the old times, why not spice things up by traveling and enjoying days on the water. Your family will surely enjoy the experience of waking up in the middle of the sea and feeling the cold breeze on their faces.

If you like the idea, drop by Neo Yachting website and book for a yacht charter that will suit your family’s taste. Neo Yachting is one of the most renowned charters for luxury yachts so you’ll not only enjoy the sea but the luxury experience as well.

Now that you are all booked and ready to go, you should start packing. For this is your first yacht charter vacation, let me give you some tips on the things you should pack:

1.    You’re Family’s Travel Documents.

If you chose to travel outside your country, make sure that you have all your travel documents with you like passport, visa, tickets, credit cards and cash.

2.    Instead of those bulky hard-sided bags, make use of soft sided bags.

The majority of yachts have limited luggage storage and using hard sided bags can damage the tea desks and wood trims. While, soft duffle bags can be folded and stowed after you unpacked.

3.    Fill your middle size duffle bag with everything you want to bring and reduced it by half.

This is a common mistake people are making on a yacht vacation they are bringing too much stuff. Even you are riding a luxury charter the lifestyle on it is very casual. So, you do not need to bring many clothes.

4.    Bathing Suit is a must have item.

As you start sailing, you and your family will literally live in your swim wears and a simple cover up. You are not required to change outfit even for dinner unless you need to freshen up.

5.    Swimming tools. (Fins, mask, and snorkels)

If your charter company does not provide the following, you should provide them, especially if you are going to spend a lot of time in the water. Besides that, you may want to consider wearing a lightweight wetsuit so that you can stay warm while snorkeling.

6.    Earplugs.

If you are a very noise sensitive sleeper, you are advised to bring a pair or two because your crew can sometimes be noisy.

7.    Seasickness remedies or medication.

If any of your family members get seasick, it would be great if they have taken a “non-drowsy” medication before you board so that the body can easily adapt to the motion of the boat.

Now that your stuff is ready and everything is booked. Enjoy your first family yacht charter vacation and treasure every moment forever.

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